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What to do when communication, business, and leadership skills are not enough?

For more connection, meaning, and growth,
learn how to leverage the universal experience of 

Empowering professionals and leaders to
raise awareness, take responsibility, and create lasting change
using lessons from coaching and therapy room.

Hi, I'm Nikolina. 

Development coach, psychologist, psychotherapist in training, and learning-enthusiast. 

As someone who highly values growth, learning, and leaving your comfort zone, I've experienced it all.

From being completely lost, overwhelmed, and confused, to being on top of the world, and both excited and calm when things fall into place. 

Working in human resources in four different industries, and with people from all backgrounds, I have learned that no matter how different our context is, we all have similar needs, thoughts, and feelings.

And today I am here to support you in navigating your own development journey by leveraging the human part of you. 

My clients are people - working with, and as people first.

Good communication, business, and leadership skills are now more than ever necessary for creating safe, engaging, and productive workplaces. But is it enough?

What about your people skills?

Can you recognize when your emotions are taking control?

Can you deal with dissatisfaction, frustration, and anger in a work-friendly way?

Are you aware of the impact you have on your team, your peers, or your managers?

What about dealing with difficult life events - death, trauma, mental health problems?

How are your skills of being human - at work?

Using practical lessons from the coaching and therapy room,

I teach my clients how to:

* raise awareness about their values, needs, and expectations,

* take responsibility for their development journey and the choices they are making,

* support themselves during the change process,

* create clear plans for further development, 

* and learn how to deal with unplanned circumstances


by actively choosing how they show up for themselves and others every single day.

Dealing with change coaching program

Work-life flexibility coaching program

Individual 60-minute sessions

Signature Being human - at work mentoring/coaching program

Most frequent Q's answered

Anna, project manager, individual coaching

The greatest benefit I got from our coaching session was - ease. I had a hard time coming back to work after my baby was born, my job has changed, and it caused me a lot of stress. Conversations with Nikolina helped me realize what is the most important for me and how can I make better options for myself and my family. It was great having someone listen to you and just be there without judgment."

You may be curious -

what does qthentic mean? It's a representation of

my approach to

life and work

"q" is for questioning and challenging the status quo of our ways of thinking and being

"thentic" is for that authentic part of you that already has all the answers you need

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