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From switching companies, promotions, and new roles to longer absences - every job transition needs adjustment.

How are you dealing with yours?

designed by choice, not circumstances

Empowering professionals and leaders to
raise awareness, take responsibility, and navigate change
using lessons from the coaching and therapy room.

Hi, I'm Nikolina. 

Development coach, psychologist, psychotherapist in training, and learning-enthusiast. 

As someone who highly values growth, learning, and leaving your comfort zone, I've experienced it all.

From being completely lost, overwhelmed, and confused, to being on top of the world, excited and calm when things fall into place. 

Working in human resources in four different industries, and with people from all backgrounds, I have learned that no matter how different our context is, we all have similar needs, thoughts, and feelings - and we could all use some support.

My clients are professionals ready to take ownership

of their careers and lives

Change can be scary, overwhelming, intimidating, yet also fun and exciting. 

Sometimes it's wanted, sometimes is not, and almost always requires some level of adjustment. 

The bad news is you cannot escape change. But the good news is you don't have to go through it alone.

I am here to support you in your career change and development journey.

By combining practical lessons from the coaching and therapy room, and my own professional experience working in human resources, I teach my clients how to:

* raise awareness about their values, needs, and expectations,

* take responsibility for their development journey and the choices they are making,

* make the process of change simple and not overwhelming,

* support themselves during the period of change,

* create clear plans for further development, 

* and learn how to deal with unplanned circumstances.

Individual 1:1 coaching

Online program - coming soon!

Most common coaching questions answered.

Anna, project manager, individual coaching

The greatest benefit I got from our coaching session was - ease. I had a hard time coming back to work after my baby was born, my job has changed, and it caused me a lot of stress. Conversations with Nikolina helped me realize what is the most important for me and how can I make better options for myself and my family. It was great having someone listen to you and just be there without judgment."

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